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6 Mistakes 
Nonprofit Directors Make
When Evaluating Employees



Don't do another evaluation until you read this 6-page guide. It covers best practices rooted in the latest emperical research.

Get this guide to avoid 6 common pitfalls when conducting employee evaluations.

“Good performance accountability is about having a positive conversation between manager and employee. A manager is a coach and communicator, not command and controller.”

-Dave Ulrich

Professor, author, & management coach 

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The nonprofit staff and their talents are the heart and the soul, the engine and fuel of any organization. It’s not surprising then that performance management is one of the top three talent management priorities in 2022, according to a study by Nonprofit HR. 


Nonprofits face a growing demand from stakeholders for transparency regarding social mission achievement and resource utilization. As follows, there’s increasing urgency on behalf of nonprofit leaders around improving internal operations and demonstrating legitimacy to funders and the larger community. Performance management systems continue to provide better information when implementing organizational change, assessing risk, and aligning organizational culture and staff performance with strategic goals. 


Performance evaluations are a critical part of an organization’s performance management system. 

Performance evals have 3 main functions:

👉 To provide feedback to the employee

👉 To establish a basis for a performance improvement

👉 To gather data to inform compensation and future assignments

Performance Reviews *WHEN DONE WELL* support employee satisfaction, motivation and retention.
When done BADLY, they can result in employee disappointment, dissatisfaction, and the rejection of the entire performance review process. They can also create suspicion and cynicism regarding the values and credibility of management, which deteriorates commitment and engagement. 
🚫 Don't make the 6 most common mistakes on your employee evals.

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I'm Sheena Sullivan, Founder of the WorkLife School

I'm an Executive Director, organizational development and leadership researcher, and nonprofit coach and consultant. I've been living and breathing the sector for over a decade, and, for most of that time, I've been directing organizations and researching the latest best practices in performance management. The content I offer is the culmination of that work and I know it will transform your team.

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