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Live workshop for nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs


Wednesday, October 26th, 1:30-3:00 PM CST

As a leader, your organization depends on your ability to set and achieve goals.

In this 90-minute virtual workshop, I'll show you how to design a goal and back it up with evidence-based self-leadership strategies so you can make a huge leap forward in 30 days.


You'll leave this workshop:

✔ With an action-focused PACT goal that you've set for yourself.

✔ Ready to use evidence-based self-leadership strategies to motivate and influence yourself.

✔ Prepared to execute an action plan to achieve your short-term goal in 30 days.

This workshop is for you if...

👉 You have a goal but don't have the plan to get there.

👉 You want an action-oriented approach to starting on your goal.


👉 You are committed and ready to do the WORK to achieve your goal.

If you’re interested in this workshop, you’re a high-achiever on a mission, and I KNOW you’ve got goals you’re working on. 


You’re so charged up that you’ve probably got SEVERAL goals going at one time. 


SOLID GOAL is designed to help you focus and take action on that one goal that would have the most significant impact on your work or personal life. Are you ready?

Don’t wait until January to start on your goal. We’ll design your goal and action plan in this live, interactive workshop, so you’re ready to make a big leap forward in your personal or professional life.


I will give you the research-based tools and strategies you need to succeed. This is not a SMART goal training. This is next-level stuff. 

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I'm Sheena Sullivan, Founder of the WorkLife School

I'm an Executive Director, organizational development and leadership coach, and professional Goal Getter. The content in this workshop is based on empirical research from my Ph.D. program at the University of Arizona Global Campus. I am thrilled to bring you an evidence-based approach to designing your goals and backing them up with cutting-edge self-leadership strategies from the foremost experts in the field.

What is Self-Leadership?

Self-leadership is your ability to influence your thoughts, feelings, and behavior to support your goals.

Self-leadership experts outline three evidence-based groups of behavioral and cognitive strategies that enhance personal effectiveness: behavioral-focused strategies, natural reward strategies, and constructive thought pattern strategies. 


1. Behavioral-focused strategies


Behavioral-focused strategies support positive, desired behaviors while cutting down on unhelpful ones. These strategies involve self-observation, self-goal-setting, and self-rewarding.


2. Natural reward strategies


There are two types of natural reward strategies that promote self-determination and competence. The first involves building in more pleasant aspects of a job so that the activity becomes more enjoyable. The second is to maintain focus on the more rewarding aspects of the task rather than focusing on unpleasant parts.


3. Constructive thought pattern strategies 


Finally, constructive thought pattern strategies require one to confront and replace outdated, unhelpful ways of thinking with better ones. Mental imagery and positive self-talk are great examples.

The SOLID GOAL approach includes specific methods from all three groups of behavioral and cognitive strategies to help you achieve your goals. 

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction

  • ​Design the Goal

    • What, Why, How

    • Set PACT Goal

  • Self-Leadership Strategies

    • Natural Rewards

    • Celebration (self-rewarding)

    • Constructive Thought Patterns

    • Visual Cueing

  • Action Plan​

  • Debrief & Next Steps

Printable workbook included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I can't attend in person?

A. I'll provide a replay after the workshop for a limited time.

Q. How do I access the workshop?

A. I'll send a link upon registration. The workshop will be hosted via WebinarNinja.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. There are no refunds. However, you will receive a recording of the workshop to view if you're not able to attend for any reason.

Are you ready to achieve a goal in 30 days?

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