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The Rubric Method

Easy, Effective Evals
In Just 3 Steps


The Rubric Method will prepare you to conduct employee evaluations and performance reviews 

that gauge the performance of your employees, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, 

and produce goals for professional development so that your team can thrive.


I'll walk you through implementing an organization-wide performance evaluation system in under an hour.

Does this sound like you?

👉 You dread the time of year when employee evals roll around.


👉 Performance reviews just feel like another thing on your neverending to-do list.


👉 Or, maybe you don’t really know where to start when it comes to conducting an employee eval.


What if there was a way to objectively and fairly evaluate employees, so the process is positive and beneficial for you AND the employee?


That’s exactly why I created the Rubric Method. I want to help you quickly implement a research-based evaluation method that clarifies expectations, builds accountability, and motivates your employees to contribute to organizational goals.

A Performance Appraisal that is conducted effectively leads to greater employee morale, higher productivity, creating a positive culture, and improved overall performance and effectiveness of an organization.


Kumar Parakala
President at GHD Digital, global leader, entrepreneur, keynote speaker

This 30-minute video course provides you with a 3-step plan to implement a simple and effective, research-based employee evaluation system. The package includes customizable self-evaluation and evaluation rubrics and the Triple A Feedback Framework.

Right now, you might not even see the point
in doing employee evaluations. 

Imagine if you had an employee evaluation system in place that:  

✔ ​Made annual evals a positive experience for both you and the employee

✔ ​Provided you with the insights you need to drive positive and productive employee performance

✔ And, contributed to the overall achievement of your organizational goals

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I'm Sheena Sullivan, Founder of the WorkLife School

I'm an Executive Director, organizational development and leadership researcher, and nonprofit coach and consultant. I've been living and breathing the sector for over a decade, and, for most of that time, I've been directing organizations and researching the latest best practices in performance management. The content in this course is the culmination of that work and I know it will transform your team.


New executive directors, program directors, program managers, and supervisors


Founders who

have grown their organizations and now manage staff

Developing Pros

Managers and directors who don’t have performance management systems in place 

The Rubric Method is for 3 Types of Managers:

Here's how this works...

✔ Step 1: Purchase the course. You’ll receive immediate access to the course to begin and complete at your own pace.

✔ Step 2: Watch the 30-minute video training. I will guide you through every step of developing and implementing your 3-step eval plan.

✔ Step 3: Use the customizable templates to create your own self-evaluation and evaluation rubrics for employee evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the course take to complete?

A. The video course is about 30 minutes long. It will take you 1-2 additional hours of work to customize the materials and to start implementing your rubric-based evaluation plan.


Q. How long will I have access to the course?

A. For life. Once your purchase the Rubric Method, it’s yours to keep and to access as often as you need or want.


Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. 


After you complete this training, you will:

➡️ Know how rubric-based evals benefit managers, employees, and the organization

➡️ Be ready to create scoring rubrics for each of your employees

➡️ Have your own action plan for employee evaluations to implement right away

➡️ Be prepared to host eval meetings using the Trip A Feedback Framework

What's included:

✔ 30-minute video training ($50 value)

✔ 3-Step Eval Plan ($100 value)

✔ Customizable self-evaluation rubric for employees to complete ($25 value)

✔ Customizable evaluation rubric for managers to complete ($25 value)

✔ Triple A Feedback Framework ($50 value)

All for just $50
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Let me show you how.

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