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What If You Could Quickly Double Your Nonprofit's Impact and Reach?

This 60-Minute Strategy Session With Sheena Sullivan Could Forever Shift the Trajectory of Your Nonprofit. 


Is an Outdated Strategy Holding Your Nonprofit Back?

After years of dedicating your talent, time, and passion to your nonprofit organization, you feel like you’ve hit a plateau. 


No matter how many new programs you launch or fundraising campaigns you organize, making real, measurable progress toward your mission seems just out of reach.


But there’s one thing you know for sure…


You know your nonprofit has the potential to create enormous POSITIVE change. 


However, an outdated strategy focused on reacting to immediate needs restricts your ability to proactively expand long-term impact.


Without a fresh strategic approach tailored to your organization's distinct position and challenges, you run the risk of stagnating and losing relevance. 


The pain is real. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


What if you have an expert to provide clarity, confidence, and momentum? 


An expert that listens attentively to your needs, offers breakthrough ideas, and empowers you toward greater impact?


This is exactly how my one-on-one strategy sessions can help you. 

Why My 1-On-1 Nonprofit Strategy Sessions Hold The Keys to Growth

After years of research and on-the-ground experience transforming nonprofit organizations, I've seen how coaching can provide incredible growth.


Here’s how my sessions can help you:


  • Feel supported in strategic planning, fundraising, leadership, or organizational development.


  • Embrace continuous learning with a coach who values your personal and professional development as much as you do.


Through customized collaboration, we'll pinpoint the unseen beliefs and behaviors holding you back then map out a breakthrough plan tailored to your organization and goals.

"Before our first session, and with your guidance, I was able to accelerate my progress. After each discussion, I either felt more confident about the plans I had formed, or I was able to work with you to form a better plan for success.”


Maricarmen Smith-Martinez, Washington DC

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Why Industry Leaders Trust My Guidance for Nonprofit Growth

With over a decade of experience leading nonprofits and conducting extensive research, I offer a unique combination of practical wisdom and strategic knowledge to help fellow changemakers thrive.


  • My academic training lets me assess problems with an informed, outside eye so we can pinpoint unseen beliefs and behaviors holding you back.


  • Having walked in your shoes, I’ll help create a custom action plan matched to your leadership style and organizational dynamics.


Book a one-on-one session to start uncovering the full potential of your purpose-driven organization.

About Sheena

Sheena Sullivan is a nonprofit executive director and Ph.D. Candidate in Organizational Development and Leadership, with 15+ years of experience in nonprofit management, leadership coaching, and community organizing. With a commitment to fostering growth and empowering leaders, Sheena has garnered extensive experience providing strategic leadership, managing operations, and driving fundraising initiatives for nonprofit organizations. Throughout her career, Sheena has demonstrated a proven ability to build relationships, advocate for causes, and achieve organizational goals.


Sheena holds a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Leadership and Development in Social Services, as well as a Post-Master’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy, both from Loyola University Chicago. Sheena was a 2013 fellow with the New Leaders Council Chicago.

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Ready to Discover Your Path to Greater Impact?

I've seen firsthand how these strategy sessions can turn things around. 

They're like a breath of fresh air… you know exactly what to do next. 

Whether you're stuck on finding new donors, dealing with a tricky board member, or trying to improve organizational dynamics, my strategy sessions are for YOU. 

Let's not waste another day on guesswork or feeling stuck. 

Your mission is too important.

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